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Asconi Cabernet Sauvignon

95,00 DKK
This wine is manifested by a royal tinge of red- purple in color, witch hides a real explosion of overripe

Asconi Chardonnay

95,00 DKK
Like the first inspiration of summer, this young Chardonnay opens beautifully in the glass with notes of pears, white cherries

Asconi Pinot Grigio

105,00 DKK
This is a refreshing rosé with ale watermelon blush color. The floral aroma of this rosé easily passes into notes

Sauvignon Blanc

130,00 DKK
Our Sauvignon Blanc is a masterpiece in wine production, which can hold together the fruitiness, minerality and fresh character. Thus,

Sol Negru Malbec

140,00 DKK
Our Malbec wine is dry, full-bodied, and exhibits rich dark fruits and flavors of blackberry and red plum are very